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Episode 64: Another Merry Christmas Song Sampler!

Actualizado: 13 dic 2021

Well, it is officially the Christmas season! What better way to get in the mood than by listening to some Spanish Christmas songs? Whether you enjoy villancicos like Silent Night or something with a more modern flare (such as All I Want for Christmas Is You), this list of 10 Christmas songs will hopefully give you some new Spanish songs to sing along to!


¡Feliz Navidad!

Just like in our last Christmas Song Samplers (see Episode 42: A Merry Christmas Song Sampler! and Episode 24: Spanish Christmas Songs!), we'll cover 10 Christmas songs in Spanish! We have a variety to go over, so let's start with the classics.

Los Villancicos

Villancicos are Christmas carols, like Silent Night (Noche de Paz) and Los Peces en el Río.

1. Allá En El Pesebre by Aliento, Ft. Majo Solis

This lovely rendition of Allá En El Pesebre, or the Spanish translation of Away in a Manger, combines the more traditional style of this classic with flashes of a more modern twist. What I like about it, though, is that throughout the entire song, Aliento maintains a sweet, smooth sound that holds a touch of reverence for the birth of Christ.

Click here if you'd like to see the lyrics.

2. Los Pastores a Belén by Patylu

Now, I can't hardly stand to watch the music video, but I enjoy the song, and Patylu is a fun children's song artist. So I went ahead and included the muisc video here. I've enjoyed listening to a few of her songs with my little one. All in all, it's a fun children's Christmas song. I just don't enjoy the music video. :D But I do enjoy the song! (If you need a more smooth, adult version, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's rendition, featuring David Archuleta, is perfect!)

Here are the lyrics in Spanish. The song is about the shepherds outside of Bethlehem running to meet the baby Jesus. The angels have told them about His birth, and they are so excited they can hardly get there fast enough, even breaking their shoes as they go.

One thing to note: the pan, pan, pan is not referring to bread. I know pan = bread, but in the song, that's not what it is. It is refering to la pandereta, which means tambourine. Las castañuelas are castanets.

3. Arre Borriquito by Tatiana

Do you need another children's song artist in Spanish? Because Tatiana is awesome! My little girl can listen to things over and over and over again, so I found Tatiana while desperately searching for something I could enjoy that much. At the very least, the constant repetition helps me in my Spanish, lol! :D

This song is about the birth of Christ, with a focus on the Magi coming to visit the newborn baby. It's a fun song. :) One thing to note: arre is the Spanish equivalent of our giddy-up in English. Here are the Spanish lyrics with the English translation.

4. Arbolito de Navidad by Gloria Estefan

While Gloria Estefan is a famous Cuban singer, the beginning of this traditional song reminds me very much of Sevilla, Spain. The beat and guitar for this song are great! Arbolito de Navidad is about going to gather a tree to decorate for the newborn king, Jesus Christ. It invokes traditional images of cutting down and decorating a Christmas tree for the holiday while also highlighting the Christmas story of Christ's birth.

Here are the Spanish lyrics, with their English translation.

Light and Smooth Christmas Songs

These songs are a bit older - as in, not 2020 or 2021 - but not on the same level as villancicos. They can have that classic vibe, or are just a bit more modern, but they're sweet and gentle and not really all that "poppy".

5. Navidad en Mi País by Lourdes Toledo

Lourdes Toledo was originally born in New York, but moved to Puerto Rico when she was four. This is a gentle, calm song that you could easily have playing in the background while you set up your Christmas tree. The song is a celebration of the hope Christmas brings, as well as a strong focus on the birth of Christ.

You can find the Spanish lyrics and their English translation here.

6. Feliz Navidad by Luis Coronel

This song is very sweet. It's basically just best wishes to you for the Christmas season. I enjoyed watching the music video, as Luis just reminds me of a happy teenager enjoying life and the season, but also the video has the lyrics (meaning you can sing along with it, if you so desire! ^_~).

7. Estoy Buscando a Santa Claus by Lupita Infante

I don't normally enjoy songs like this, but the song is so smooth, I love the trumpet (and hint of jazz), and bonus: Lupita released two versions of this song - one in Spanish, and one in English! I don't like the official music video, as it changes the sweetness of the song - and the innocence - but just the audio is pretty nice. :)

8. Para Niños Como Yo by Tercer Cielo

This is a bittersweet song by one of my favorite Spanish Christian bands, Tercer Cielo. It highlights the painful perspective a hungry child has for Christmas. The song asks the question, will there be a Christmas, someday, for children who are in need? It's a good reminder that this season is not just about celebrating it with our loved ones, but also reaching out to those in need around us. The song ends on a hopeful note, that someday there will be just such a Christmas.

If you want to see the Spanish lyrics, click here.

Pop Christmas!

Do you want some Christmas songs that have a bit more of a beat and modern flare? Then check these two out!

9. Siempre es Navidad Junto a Ti by Edurne

This is such a cute and cozy music video! It is adorable, and just screams cozy Christmas. :) True, it's not extremely "pop" like, but it is more modern than the other ones. And a bit more upbeat. :D The whole song is basically about how it's always Christmas when your loved ones are there!

Here are the Spanish lyrics.

10. Ya es Navidad by Ventino

I just discovered this pop band, Ventino. This music video is from 2016, but I LOVE it! It's such a sweet song about Christmas, and it just begs you to sing along in the joy of the season. ^_^

You can find the Spanish lyrics here, as well as the English translation. Enjoy!

That's all for today! I hope you enjoy these Christmas songs and that they help you get in the mood for Christmas! So, tell me, what are some of your favorite Spanish Christmas songs? Please send them my way! :)

Remember, learning a language is a lifelong journey.

¡Aprovéchalo, Disfrútalo y Compártelo!


Cultural Tip: Slightly Different Than Normal

Do you remember when we went over Yerba Mate, the special tea from Argentina, in Episode 57: What's up with "Lo"? Part 2? Well, I finally got to try it at a special café in Manitou Springs, Co, called the Maté Factor! It was pretty good. Almost like drinking green tea, but not quite. They let me try their regular mate, and then I got a chai mate. It was delicious! I definitely recommend trying it out. :) (It doesn't have to be from the Maté Factor, just Yerba Mate in general).



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